Why Bookstainable - our story

Updated: Jan 29

The idea for Bookstainable started as many may have done in recent months, during one of the countries lockdown periods.

As a family we are lucky that all of our children have enjoyed books and love reading on their own and together as a family, we wanted to create something that helped young people develop or grow a love of reading, but do so sustainably, with a growing number of young people and families becoming more environmentally conscious.

Our own children have started to think more about the environment in the last 12 months, from reading children's magazines, books and information on children's Newsround as part of home schooling. This led to our eldest son (8 y/o) adopting an 80% vegan diet (at least that was the intention until he realised he didn't like the alternative milks on offer, despite trying every possible oat milk that existed) and our middle son becoming a vegetarian.

This has led to us as a family eating a lot less meat and fish and also looking at other ways to live more sustainably too.

As part of the book boxes for young people, as well as the excitement when young people receive something through the post, we also wanted to provide some small gifts that young people would appreciate and be excited to use that might help the whole family to live more sustainably. W

e will be trying to uncover some small unique gifts to include in our book boxes.

We also know how fortunate we are as a family to have the opportunity for our children to read and have the time to support them with their reading.

We know from our own experiences in the education and charity sector that for many young people and families this can be more challenging. We made an early decision to pass some of the cost of any Bookstainable boxes on to a charity that does some amazing work to support young people that are struggling or reluctant readers, Coram Beanstalk, something that we will talk more about in a future blog post.

Bookstainable helps put together our passion for books, alongside helping young people and families that are environmentally conscious, to offer something that can help continue to excite and inspire young people to read, discover new ways to live sustainably, and raise money for young people that are less fortunate.

We hope other young people and families enjoy receiving and using our boxes over the coming months and years.

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