Frequently asked questions

What condition are the used books in?

All books sourced are second hand books, but we aim to send books that are as close to brand new condition as possible and are in very good to excellent condition.

Is packaging recyclable

All packaging will be 100% recyclable and/or made from recyled materials, including the boxes, display and protective packaging and any tape used to keep your gifts secure.

When will the book boxes be sent out?

Book Boxes are sent out around the 15th or 28th each month.

What's included in a monthly box?

Each box includes: Two secomd hand books, A small suprise eco gift or treat in each package, A donation card to our chosen charity, Coram Beanstalk, so parents or the gift giver can show the receiver how their gift is also helping those less fortunate to develop a love of reading, A bookmark in the first package

What do your chosen charity, Coram Beanstalk,do?

Coram Beanstalk provide one to one support for children that are struggling or reluctant readers and help them develop a love of reading. You can find our more here.